What is Satellite Office ?
Acadsoc Satellite Office is a new type of ESL outsourcing business. As an Acadsoc satellite office, you should provide facilities and co-working spaces for your team of teachers to cooperate with Acadsoc.
We will also provide the team with sufficient students to support the team to achieve vigorous development of online English teaching and enable you to earn great income.
What is Satellite Office ?
What Can You Obtain From Satellite Office?
Start your own business. Earn enough money as China has a large number of ESL students.
What is our vision?
Equipment Requirement

Download: 2mb/person
Upload: 2mb/person

CPU: AMD A4 3.5 GHz/Inter Core i3 3.70 GHz, RAM: 8GB, hard disk: 500G, Micro ATX case, ordinary 600W power supply

1000W UPS for network equipment protection

Anywhere in the Philippines

Open 7 days a week with operational hours from 9am to 11pm

Can fit at least 30 teaching stations

Satellite Office Owner Case
Perhaps Acadsoc is the best in their industry line. To grow our business with them was the per decision. Real-time support, number of students, and smooth transactions - we didn’t have to worry about a thing.
We aim to provide stable and quality means of living to Filipinos with Acadsoc. We were able to fulfill that dream. We are glad to sign up for Acadsoc’s satellite office program because our business has grown steadily. Acadsoc would be our partner for life.

Satellite Office In Mandaluyong
December 2020
What is Satellite Office ?